About the AWRSC

The AWR Surgeons’ Community is arguably the most dynamic group of surgeons in the world. We are largely based out of India, but not restricted to it, with our members present in all the continents (Antarctica does not count).

At nearly 5000 strong, the diversity of the group is astonishing. There are young residents and fellows in training as well as Heads of Departments, Deans and Principals of major medical institutions, all at the same level of membership.

The AWRSC is considered unique amongst all such societies for its relentless focus on merit and quality. Every event that it has organized so far has a stamp of class, openness and high value embedded in it.

There is an ease of communication, a convivial environment that encourages all to question authority and demand evidence. Debate is actively encouraged and reverence not admired.

In the last several years of its existence, the AWR Surgeons Community is estimated to have helped train over 25,000 surgeons directly. Indirectly, the numbers are incalculable and clearly multiple times more.

The impact of the AWRSC activities is now unquestioned. It is a pioneering society that has transformed the way hernia surgery is done, learned, and taught in India and many other countries.

One of the most unique phenomena about the AWRSC has been the revelation and installation of talented young surgeons who have quickly shined and become in-demand teaching faculty. Many of them have become torchbearers of modern AWR surgery and the values of the AWRSC.

What are those values?

The AWR Surgeons’ Community was founded in 2017 by B. Ramana along with Ramesh Punjani and Pramod Shinde. A non-profit trust was established under the aegis of the Charity Commissioner to regulate the functioning of the community.

The AWRSC has been globally recognized to be a force in the field of hernia education. Some of the best societies have embraced it as global partners, including the American Hernia Society, the British Hernia Society and many others (as displayed in our page).

Would you like to do some educational training program in your city/country and would like our help? Please feel free to contact us at info.awrsc@gmail.com. You may also connect with B. Ramana on rambodoc@gmail.com if you wish a personal contact to discuss your proposal.