Membership benefits

  • Be a part of the most energetic international communities of surgeons.
  • Enjoy the social media platforms that provide eyeballs and ears if you wish to share your work.
  • Work for the AWRSC and become a part of the Core Committee, the leadership group.
  • Young surgeons can get mentored in the Young Turks group, along with the benefits of networking with peers.
  • Women surgeons can join the AWRSC Women’s Group.
  • Regional AWR Surgeons’ communities can be your immediate neighbors in geographical terms.
  • Get the benefits of massively discounted rates for membership in other societies like the American Hernia Society.
  • Avail of massive block discounts for international conferences.
  • Be part of a select few to be handpicked as faculty in international hernia surgical conferences and workshops.
  • Be part of the Indian Hernia Registry and use the data for your publication and academic interests.
  • The AWR Surgeons website will help market the brand of members who fulfill appropriate criteria.
  • Patients can visit the website to get information about the disease and treatment, their rights as well as find surgeons near them. Those surgeons would have to be members.

Life Membership Opens on April 2024